Traditional Taste
with a Modern Twist

If you venture to any of the Mediterranean regions in Europe or Africa, you'll find that the cuisine could be vastly different if you travel only a few miles in any direction. This variation of culture mixed with hundreds of years of culinary evolution is what defines the modern day Mediterranean cuisine.

At Sahara Grill, it is our mission to continue this culinary evolution by finding new ways to present traditional Mediterranean flavors with a modern twist, while delivering a "just like back home" dining experience. We would give you a tour of our kitchen to show you what we're talking about, but we think that eating is more fun. That's why we're inviting you to come in and taste the Sahara Difference.

Our Food

Our food made from only the freshest, all-natural ingredients. That means none of our products ever touch hormones, additives, steroids, pesticides, or antibiotics.

What's even better is that our animals are grass-fed. Versus what's normally available on your supermarket shelves, the difference in taste can only be described as "you have try it to believe it."

We also locally source ingredients when possible, and everything is non-GMO and fully organic. If you thought Mediterranean food was healthy, well it just got a whole lot healthier.

Free Range Meat